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We have established Daga Holding with the aim of offering the best of breed products and services in the markets we are active in. We have selected strategic sectors such as consumer products, industrial goods and transportation, where we believe the real growth potentials exist for the foreseeable future. We seek partnerships with foreign partners in these sectors who look for new and underdeveloped markets outside of their own borders and traditional markets. We look only for long lasting relationships with our partners where we can together explore new market opportunities and grow, while providing the best service and support to our valued clients. We thank our shareholders, partners and clients for their trust and confidence in us, which we consider our most valuable asset in our business.

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        Dariusch Ghaffari President & CEO

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Our goal is to provide maximum value to our shareholders and clients by offering the highest service quality and ethical standards while generating maximum profits and to become a premier holding company in our region, occupying the top 3 position in any industry we serve.

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