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Extend lifespan of chemical manufacturing and processing equipment

To ensure operational success, look for lubricants that exceed the specifications for your equipment. Even better, look for a supplier like LE that can provide you with all of the lubricant reliability program elements, helping you assess, design and implement a comprehensive program tailored to your organization’s needs.

About Daga 

Daga International is a integrated service provider and trading group with Worldwide activities in various market sectors as shown above including Automotive, Aviation, General Trade, as well as Financial Services. Our goal is to provide maximum value to our shareholders and clients by offering the highest service quality and ethical standards while generating maximum profits and to become a premier holding company in our region, occupying the top 3 position in any industry we serve.

Our Partners in  Chemical and Lubricants Industries.


Wir sind ein erfolgreiches, innovatives Unternehmen und auf die Produktion und den Vertrieb erstklassiger Steinteppich Bodenbeläge spezialisiert.Unsere einzigartigen Marmor- und Quarzfußböden sind eine witterungs- und frostbeständige Lösung für den Außenbereich und eine attraktive Möglichkeit, Ihre Wohn- und Geschäftsräume individuell zu gestalten.


 Since 1996, Visbella products have been used in auto car, constructions, industries, household field around the world.

Custom Builds

In 1992 the company was set up as Contractor Trading Est. in Dubai, initially only trading in oil.

Over the years the Contractor Group of Companies expanded, as did the areas in which the company traded – Oil, Heavy Equipment, Today the Contractor Group continues to grow on its trading interests from its many worldwide offices.

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