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Daga Food Industries is a group of company with state of art processing and manufacturing that produces and sells dehydrated foods, spices, Onion, Garlic and various food products equipped with modern and hi-tech imported plant and machineries for the most varied market segments: from School Food, Hospitals, Correctional facility to the general public through Supermarkets and Stores with 30 years experienced team in Spices, Food and Beverage Products worldwide market.

We can supply Livestock, such as sheep, lamb, child, cows and veal meat, poultry, fish also fresh meat from the same animals, all packed in vacuum and stored in frozen conditions.  Daga Food is a processor, manufacturer and exporter of whole spices, high aroma ground spices and various healthy food products. Daga Food produces all spice and food products with most hygienic way with the help of modern and sophisticated machineries to keep the original taste of each individual product.

Products for breakfast, lunch and / or dinner such as Porridge, Soft Drinks, Dairy Drinks,  Rice, Soups, Pasta, among others, are recognized for their efficiency, logistics optimization as well as ease of stocking, a significant cost benefit with quality guaranteeing good penetration in the markets provided, ensuring a growth of the company in its areas of activity.

Daga Food product range encompasses the entire spectrum of whole spices, Ground spices and seasonings processed and blended as per the customized requirements of the customer. We have a strong skilled food technologist team to create unique spice blends, seasonings and curry powders & masalas as per the specific application requirements of our customers. We help you with ingredient solutions that enhance taste profiles, more convenient, ensure product safety and stability while assuring quality and most importantly saving costs. We are a world-class processor and exporter of variety of customized spices, spice blends and Seasonings solutions to the discerning customers from the var ous foods industries all over the world.

Today, with more than 700 items, we demonstrate the full potential and rapid response to the market, consolidating our position as a serious and trustworthy company with its own products as well as a key partner in shares of companies or partner entities that rely in our potential.


Daga International maintain the quality as per national & International standard specification of APEDA,FDA,and all products are 100% free from unwanted bacteria and pathogens. The presence of pathogens including Salmonella, Yeasts and Molds, Enterobacteriaceae, Bacilles Cereus, Clostridium Perfringers, Stafylococcus Aureus and sporeformers.

To assure quality Daga Food is BRC and ISO 22000 certified and HACCP procedures & norms have been implemented. Besides this the company complies also with HALAL, Kosher and Sedex requirements.
 We believe that quality is the responsibility of one and all and shouldn’t be compromised under any circumstances. Our factory constructed as per GMP compliant standards, we cater to the worlds most loved food brands with a focus on Quality Assurance from farm to fork, we put to use our in-house quality testing capabilities for our entire product range to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality. In this quest for quality, we adopt the following approaches to ensure uncompromised quality.

Daga International Industries ensures the quality guarantee and nutrients as under: 
Full efficacy: 100% mortality rates on pests in all life stages (eggs, larvae, pupae and adults).
 No significant change in quality: physical characteristics and nutritional characteristics in food. Absence of polluting effects harmful to the consumer. Plant origin products free from exotic pest can be exported without any phytosanitary concern in response to the ongoing FAO-IPPC needs. No toxic residues in the end products.

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