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Smart Parking solution is our main focus In the field of Smart cities we tried our chance by entering ITS with proposing solutions for both On- and Off-Street smart parking. We developed smart sensors, access CEO Project Management Industrial and Service Design Software Mobile Developer Web Developer Server Developer Hardware Digital Engineer Analog Engineer points, smart park-meters and relevant mobile and web applications all have been done by our team  member from A to Z.

Our solution is applicable for a wide range of needs including Public Parking, Private Parking, Shopping Centers, Airports, Stadiums, and so on. A very interesting application of our solution is detection of Parking Violations in real time. All the violations can be mapped on the web application so the authorities or administrators can handle the process of fining all of wbreakers. Another great use of our solution is finding special spots for disables very easily.

These spots can be marked on the map and they can use application to find them also with a little modifications authorities can monitor if a park spot is occupied by a disable or not.

We can also offer customized solutions based on requirements of the customers like Police or municipality.

At this stage, in addition to hardware development, we are working on Web Application and Android Application which their Demos are ready and their completions are ongoing. Demos are in local language but we are working on English version too. It worth mentioning that we developed and nearly finalized our hardware like Magnetic Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors and Smart Parkmeters.

Some features of Mobile Application

  • Very User Friendly
  • In-app Payment
  • Auto Charge for Parking Spot
  • Routing to Parking Spot
  • Finding Available Parking Spots
  • Reminding Where the Car is Parked
  • Local Advertisement
  • Parking Suggestion


Some features of Web Application

Occupation Rate​

On-line Monitoring of Hardware Status.

Diverse Parking Statistics

  •  Occupation Rate
  • Average Parking Duration
  • Parking Violation
  • Parking Accumulation
  • Parking Load
  • Parking Volume
  • Rush Hour


Different Financial Reports

  • Revenue per parking spot
  • Total amount of Transactions
  • Total Revenue


Dynamic Pricing based on

  • Time
  • Location
  • Demand



Solar Energy



Solar Modules
Mounting Systems
Storage Systems


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